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“Big initial capital might run a company. However, a great team effort like Weekyhow is what makes a company, a family.”
At Weekyhow, no one is a boss nor anyone is a clerk. We believe in coordination rather than subordination which makes an author and an admin best friends. We’re a family. Above all, we all are dreamers. We dream of a world where every information poor individual have at least a single credible resource of data.

We live in a world where everybody have multiple sources of information. Yet, we pine for proper wisdom, and true knowledge. We’re here to provide our readers that wisdom to make them information rich, to make their thoughts unbiased, to make their life less complicated.

There are many other offline and online news portal with vast news sources, professional journalists and many more. Even though we can’t provide that much. Yet, we believe no one can beat us in journalistic ethics. In this world wide crisis of ethical journalism and uprising of yellow journalism, Weekyhow provides it’s readers and subscribers, unbiased news free from political propaganda and marketing policies. It also provides the updates of upgrading technology on the planet Earth. From daily news to ancient history of mankind, Weekyhow answers anything and everything from the perspective of science, psychology and communication.

Weekyhow not only provides it’s readers and subscribers daily news updates but also simple solutions of daily life problems. On one hand, it draws your attention to different daily life events and on the other hand, it also gives you the wisdom to face it.
Give Weekyhow a try. Once you make it your daily life companion it would always live up to your expectations and like a true friend it would never demand or complain about a thing…