NASA's Solar Probe Plus Mission

All you should know about NASA’s Solar Probe Plus Mission

NASA’s Solar Probe Plus Mission

A lot of hype has created surrounding the NASA’s solar probe plus mission, which is scheduled to launch in 2018. Let’s have a quick look on this article titled “All you should know about NASA’s Solar Probe Plus Mission”.

NASA's Solar Probe Plus Mission
NASA’s Solar Probe Plus

Mechanism NASA’s Solar Probe Plus Mission

The purpose of this mission is to study the sun’s outer atmosphere. According to NASA, the spacecraft will come “well within the orbit of Mercury” and will be “more than seven times closer than any probe has ever came before”. The probe will fly within 6.2 million kilometer from the sun’s outer surface, right into the solar atmosphere. From this close range it will subjected to brutal heat and radiation like no other probe has ever experienced before. And because of this it has to withstand temperature greater than 1400 degree Celsius, a composite carbon heat shield is used to keep the on board electronics safe from the heat and radiation. The last time a probe came close to sun was in 1976, when Helios 2 achieved it’s perihelion (the point of the orbit which is closest to sun) at 43 million kilometer from the surface of the sun. There are still many mysteries are present surrounding the sun and with this probe scientists are hoping to solve a few of them.

NASA's Solar Probe Plus Mission
Mechanism of NASA’s Solar Probe

We know that temperature gradually decrease with distance but in case of the sun it is the opposite. The temperature of the sun’s surface is approx 6000 degree Celsius, but the outer atmosphere or the Corona registers temperature more than e million degree Celsius. Scientists still have no valid explanation about the inversion of the temperature layer.

Patience is the Key

The sun emits a large number of charged particle throughout the solar system. But interestingly there is no organized wind of charged particle near the surface of the sun, yet out among the planets a strong wind of charged particle blows. The question is what drives the particles? what forces it move with such incredible speed? well to get the answers of these we just have to wait for the reply of solar probe plus.

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