Top 10 facts you must know about Qatar world cup 2022

 Qatar world cup 2022

Qatar world cup 2022

  • Smallest Country to arrange world cup Qatar world cup 2022

Qatar world cup 2022 is going to be the first FIFA World cup ever to be held in the Middle East, and in an Arab and a Muslim majority country. Not only will Qatar be the smallest nation to ever host the soccer championships, but it’s also the first Arabic nation to do so. Check out the “Top 10 facts you must know about Qatar world cup 2022”

  • Last World cup to play 32 teams

Qatar world cup 2022 will be the last to involve 32 national teams, including the host nation, because the next one at least, will have 48 teams. The team will be selected by 2018 Asia Cup and Qualifiers round. The final draw is scheduled to take place in April 2022.

  • 1.5 million of Qatar slave labour because of World cup

According to Qatar human rights, Qatar world cup 2022 generates 1.5 million of modern-day Qatar slave labor in the country.

  • Qatar’s new law on migrant slave workers

On the occasion of “Qatar world cup 2022” tournament, Qatar is going to introduce a new law and put an end to the “Kafala” system. Under this system migrant workers can only work for their sponsor and have no freedom to change employer or leave the country without their employers’ approval.

  •  Around 87 per cent of the population of Qatar are immigrant workers. UN also gives 1 year to finish Qatar slave labour.

Qatar world cup 2022

  • Qatar stadium projects 2022

On the occasion of World cup 2022, Qatar is going to establish some stadiums around the country. Qatar stadium projects are –

 a) Al Bayt Stadium-60K (capacity)

 b) Al-Wakrah Stadium-45K

 c) Khalifa Stadium-40K

 d) Al Rayyan Stadium-40K

 e) Qatar Foundation Stadium-40K

 f) Al Thumama Stadium-40K

These are the Qatar stadium projects, going to be constructed before Qatar world cup 2022.

  • A Football Miracle-Qatar world cup 2022

BBC claimed Qatar’s winning bid for the 2022 World Cup is “a football miracle”. Previously Switzerland which is 3 times larger than Qatar was the smallest country to host 1954 FIFA World cup. Not only that, in the bids Qatar beats the United States of America, Japan, South Korea, and Australia by a huge margin.

  • World cup 2022-Qatar faces allegation of bribing FIFA officials

Qatar world cup 2022

Qatar faces allegations of purchasing votes during bids. However, FIFA stated in an interview that any proofs of scandal after investigation and they will sack Qatar out of the tournament and change the venue immediately.

  • Qatar is not a desirable place to arrange world cups,according to many.

Many FIFA officials, players and sponsors question the Qatar world cup 2022 over various issues. Some questions the drinking habits in the country. Being an Islamic country, Alcohol is extremely prohibited in this country. Also, some people questions the woman security in this country.

  • India might play World cup 2022.

Qatar world cup 2022

May be countries like India and other 3rd world countries with great potential can play this Qatar world cup 2022 tournament. It might be Messi’s last World cup. 🙂 (wine gets better with age).

Despite of different social issues like Qatar slave labor, woman trafficking and others, Qatar world cup 2022 tournament will bring peace and prosperity to the country and whole Middle-East. As, someone says it right, Football can heal anything.

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